Cold Showers are Cool and Well Worth the Struggle

Merlyn 6 Series 2 Door QuadrantShowers are the best way to start the day, unless you have the leisure time for a bubble bath with candles and the sounds of Enya. Otherwise, showers are the country's favourite way to kickstart the body after a good night's sleep.


The majority of us tend to take warm showers. Some hot. Others very hot, preferring to scald the body as a punishment for waking them up. Very few of us start the day with cold showers, though. It's uncomfortable and seems like a chore, even though the benefits of a cold shower far surpass the comfortable warm shower.


Each cold shower boosts the flow of energy throughout your body, relieving fatigue and lethargy. You feel that when you're gasping for air and arching you back and holding on to the shower screen for support. 


But each deep breath from the initial hit of cold water expands your lungs, sucks more oxygen into the system, and stimulates the brain. The screams and yelps escaping your mouth is every aspect of your body coming alive.


This unbounded energy carries on as well out the shower. you find yourself drying your hair with more vigour. You drive into work, and instead of being asleep you find yourself singing along to the radio, even though you listen to political talk shows.


This is mainly because cold showers encourage positive thoughts. That darn cold water stimulates the body and startles the oxygenation, flooding the brain with endorphins. You are kicked into top gear, not only waking up the body but the mind. the way you feel is reflected in the way you think. 


A deeper clarity of thinking will overrule the foggy nature of someone taking a warm shower. That alone will give you a critical edge in business, sport and life in general.


Without a doubt having a cold shower brings you 100% into the present moment. It is very difficult for the mind to wonder if you are in the middle of a one minute cold shower. You are totally focused as your body jumps into hyperdrive. It's impossible to worry about if you have enough gas in the car to get to work when you are having a cold shower


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