Cold Showers are Cool and Well Worth the Struggle

Merlyn 6 Series 2 Door QuadrantShowers are the best way to start the day, unless you have the leisure time for a bubble bath with candles and the sounds of Enya. Otherwise, showers are the country's favourite way to kickstart the body after a good night's sleep.

The majority of us tend to take warm showers. Some hot. Others very hot, preferring to scald the body as a punishment for waking them up. Very few of us start the day with cold showers, though. It's uncomfortable and seems like a chore, even though the benefits of a cold shower far surpass the comfortable warm shower.

4 minute shower challenge

Merlyn 10 Series 1 Door Offset Quadrant

I do love the 4 minute shower challenge! Not the bit of kit itself, which, if truth be told, looks ever more cheap as everyone falls over themselves in a race to produce the cheapest possible timer. I would pay good money for a brass and glass timer (though that’s probably just me!).

A Scary showers

Merlyn 10 Series Mirror Sliding Door In RecessShowering recently and mulling over what this month’s blog should be about I realised that with the approach of Halloween, spooky showers were really my only possible option. Of course the most famous scary shower scene has to be Psycho – probably the main reason why shower screens are now so much more of a “must have” bathroom accessory than curtains. Though I can think of several other advantages; a screen doesn’t wrap itself around your body as you shower, and is far less a magnet for black mould growth for a start.

Hot Showers - are they good for you?

Merlyn 8 Series Shower WallThe latter question arose from a Defra “messaging event” (presumably from the same stable as “blue sky thinking” and “pushing the envelope”) where it was suggested that this statement would be a good slogan to encourage the public to take shorter showers if it was pronounced as follows: “Doctors say that long hot showers are bad for your health”.

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